Pave the Way for Your Child's Success With Martial Arts!

Our age-specific martial arts classes are here to help your little one discover martial arts and utilize it to help them grow and thrive. Our sessions equip students with the necessary skills and values they need in the real world. As they begin their martial arts journey, every child will:

  • Practice hand-body coordination, focus, and control 
  • Hone self-confidence, good self-esteem, and discipline
  • Learn to finish one task at a time with patience and determination 
  • Apply leadership skills as early as now! 

Get to Know Our Age-Targeted Classes That Will Boost Your Child's Development

It's important for us to watch our young students progress at their own pace while surrounded by those with the same skills and experience. 

EMA Raptors (Ages 4-5): The class where it all begins. We teach the basics and will help your child learn physical tools and the foundation of martial arts. Kids will learn:

EMA Hawks (Raptors Graduates): A level up from EMA Raptors, our Raptors Graduates enter prepared to master the skills they have learned and discover new ones that help in self-defense and body strengthening.

Basic Beginners (Ages 6-12): This beginners class is perfect for those who wish to start martial arts with the best guidance and a place to sharpen their skills, one exercise at a time. 

Let your child:

  • Be aware of bullying, how to detect and prevent it
  • Communicate and express themselves better
  • Resolve conflict in a non-violent way