Historical context

Historical context

9/11 is such a difficult day of remembrance each year.  Those of us that lived through it remember so much about where we were and what we saw and felt, and how the world was truly changed forever.  Apparently Rudolph Giuliani is encouraging first responders to visit grade schools and give them first-hand accounts of what occurred that day because he fears the next generation won't understand what happened. 

A curse of being young is a lack of context or respect for a world that has passed before them.  While reading the other day, I came across a great passage from Ivanhoe: "He who first opens Chaucer, or any other ancient poet, is so much struck with the obsolete spelling, multiplied consonants, and antiquated appearance of the language, that he is apt to lay the work down in despair, as encrusted too deep with the rust of antiquity, to permit his judging of its merits or tasting its beauties."  Because history is a tedious subject for many, filled with innumerable dates and barely relateable characters, they deem it unimportant.  Let's teach our children the lessons of 9/11 and to value history in general, thereby teaching them that the great story of the world didn't begin when they were born.  This will serve both to humble them, and give them a more accurate picture of the world they will inherit.

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