Tilting at Windmills

Tilting at Windmills

"Tilting at Windmills"

In Cervantes' most famous work Don Quixote, we see the titular character attacking windmills.  To borrow the term "tilting" from the era of knights, which had long since past, Don Quixote angles his lance for a full attack at the helpless structures.  It's laughable because he's inventing giants out of buildings.  To the reader, it's humorous; to the brave knight Don Quixote, it's business most severe.  In life we make "mountains out of molehills" and "borrow trouble."  In an interesting sermon I heard recently, the speaker said that what we focus on expands.  How true that is!  Whether positive or negative, our intense focus does expand no matter how irrelevant to it is to the world around us.  Recently I read about a neurotic young lady who is suffering from fear sparked by the Coronvirus.  Having been in a store where a man coughed, she went to the doctor several times to be sure she didn't contract the virus.  Her distress over an invisible foe consumed her thought life and brought her real-world anxiety.  Be careful what you think and try not to pass on negative thoughts to others.  Having a positivie mental outlook is hard work and we are truly being tested in the time of Cornoavirus.  Stay strong friends!

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