Tied Shoes, Ready to Work

Tied Shoes, Ready to Work

"Tied Shoes, Ready to Work"

Reading "A Game Plan for Life" by coach John Wooden really helped me see the importance of dressing for success.  I'm not talking about wearing elaborate clothing, but Coach Wooden really took time to describe to his basketball players how they should carefully put on their socks and to tie their shoes to perfection.  He really made large lessons to college-aged kids about the subject.  He theorized, and rightly so, that a crumpled sock or loose tie would be a major distraction to winning at basketball.  It has to do with the mindset that goes along with the confidence of knowing that you're on solid footing.  So to with Martial Arts, I've placed a brand new emphasis on belt tying as I think it does have a dramatic effect on one's ability to focus knowing that certain details have already been given their proper due.  There's a sense of finality when a bed is made or a door is closed.  The laced shoe tells its wearer that he or she is ready for work.  This is a great lesson to give to children as they re-enter the schools.  Whether "in-person" or "virtual," I think they should have those shoes tied neatly.

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