Unload your Mental Baggage

Unload your Mental Baggage

"Unload your Mental Baggage"

A friend called me yesterday and I asked him what he was up to.  He said he was trying to get motivated to workout.  So I asked him: "What is there to think about?  It starts by putting on your shoes and going to the gym."  What I try to teach all of my students is that when you think about what you have to do and you have to do it, you've worked twice as hard.  Carrying around the idea of work is work itself.  When you know something needs to be done, just do it!  Then you'll only have to do it once.  Many of us carry around unfinished work and it bears down on us for days, weeks, months, and even years!  Do what needs to be done; there's nothing to think about!  Motivation is an excuse for laziness and to be honest- laziness is actually hard work.

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