Self-Discipline Isn't Fun

Self-Discipline Isn't Fun

"Self-Discipline isn't Fun"

Isn't it great when we enjoy something?  It's fun to do and the time passes quickly.  Much of life just isn't that way though.  Former students contact me from time-to-time to ask my advice.  This particular student is losing interest in training in Martial Arts.  I'm the green voice in the pictured text.  I urged him to ask himself the "why" he does it.  And it can happen when the thing we once loved, we've grown less passionate about.  However, there are times, more often than not, when we need to set aside our feelings and do what is required.  What if we didn't feel like taking out the trash, finishing our homework, or waking up in the morning?  Children must learn not to be driven by their feelings, but by their will.  Self-discipline may not be easy, but then no one ever marveled at someone with a total lack of self-control.

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