Herd Immunity

Herd Immunity

"Herd Immunity"

These days we're hearing a great deal about herd immunity.  The need for people to collectively become immune to Covid-19 is almost as hot a topic as the virus itself.  The infection will cease to find hosts when a group of people has built up its system to repel it successfully.  Apparently this phenomenon can be achieved with and without vaccination.  Being quarantined is tough on everyone, and kids are no exception.  At some point, things need to return to normal.  I'm not advocating an end to quarantining here, I'm simply suggesting that the idea of herd immunity goes far beyond this singular virus.  Reading The Alzheimer's Prevention Program by Gary Small has helped me see the importance of herd immunity for a lifetime.  At the end of their lives, the elderly who have a group of friends and family fare much better in all health indicators including mental awareness and physical ability.  This is attributed to the idea that people, whether they're aware of it or not, rely on others to complete their full health picture.  Isolation must be a temporary measure as the overall health and longevity of people depends on their interconnectivity.  We are stronger together!

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