Don't try to be your teenager's friend

Don't try to be your teenager's friend

"Don't try to be your teenager's friend"

We will be exploring the disastrous miscalculation of trying to become a buddy to your child during the teen years in part 6 of our 7 part parenting series.  When one tries to be a friend instead of a parent, one lowers themselves down to the child's level rather than asking the child to elevate to theirs.  Parental newsflash: your children don't think your cool!  And the more you try to be, the worse you'll fail.  Dr. Laurence Steinberg says that children should view their parents as something other than a friend; an authority figure, not a peer.  It's almost a universal statement: "don't try to be your child's friend."  However, countless parents fall into the trap of wanting affection from their child and inadvertently overlook what's actually in their best interest.  There's nothing in this idea that says a parent needs to be unfriendly, just that friendship isn't the goal.

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