Be ready to adapt your parenting skills

Be ready to adapt your parenting skills

"Be ready to adapt your parenting skills"


Part 4 of our 7 part series explores the idea of parental adaptability.  Dr. Laurence Steingberg strongly recommends that parents be ready to change their parenting styles as their children age.  This seems to go without saying, yet we're often surprised when what once worked, now fails.  Disciplining a 2 year old is clearly different than that of an 8 year old.  However, we often don't see the disparity between punishment and guidance between an 8 year old and 16 year old.  As their bodies and brains develop, their spirit of independence and pushing the boundaries will undergo rapid growth if not fluctuation.  Instead of throwing one's hands up, Dr. Steinberg says change tactics.  If that doesn't work, change them again.  Staying involved, also means staying relevant to your child as they progress.  To put another way, if you don't adapt, you've decided to stop growing and progressing as a parent.

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