What you do matters

What you do matters

What you do matters


Today we'll begin a small 7 week theme of how to raise your child, especially entering into or in the trenches of their teenage years.  These 7 rules for successful parenting come directly from psychologist and professor Luarence Steinberg. 

Rule #1: What you do matters

We know that children are like sponges, soaking in their environment and that includes parental input.  This can be verbal and nonverbal of course.  We think they're just not listening, but research shows that they actually are.  More importantly, they're paying attention to what we do as parents.  Let's lead by example and have our words match our actions.  As they grow older, they'll decide how faithfully we executed our principles or whether we were simply hypocrites.

In the end, whether you're an effective parent or not, what you do matters and the impression you leave lasts for a lifetime.  Think carefully about your imprint.

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