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Kids Martial Arts Cypress

My son loves EMA! They not only teach him about martial arts, but also lessons that are relatable to life. Awesome place!

Danielle K.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Eternal Martial Arts changed my life. Before I started with EMA my life was completely sedentary. I didn't do anything but sit to watch tv and eat. I was skinny but I was so out of shape. I started with the power workout class before changing to the TKD classes. I'm a green/blue stripe and I couldn't be happier. I love the classes and the people there. I can't imagine skipping a day now. EMA changed my life for the best. 

Rolando Velazquez

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

I enrolled my 9 year old here with the school and I could not be happier!! She is learning so many wonderful core life values and is having fun!! They offer camps and other activities for the children and are very attentive to each child's needs. I enjoy all of the instructors and have always felt comfortable going to them with any questions I may have. I will soon be enrolling my 4 year old son as well. I couldn't imagine a better place for my children to go. Highly advise!!!

Amber K.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

This school is amazing!!1 The kids and instructors are like one big family. It is very uplifting and encouraging for the parents to see that your child is being taken care of with kindness and respect. The instructors teach the most important values, such as courage, respect for others and self, honesty. And it is fun as well! 
My daughter has become physically strong and learned how to listen. She loves the school and friendly atmosphere there.

Lilly W.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

We relocated from Austin a couple of years ago and it took us some time to find a new Tae Kwon Do studio which all the kids liked and felt comfortable in, as we all really loved the one they attended back in Austin.

Master Hong was very patient and answered all of our questions.  The kids also felt very comfortable from the start with him and the other instructors.  This continues to this day, it wasn't just a fleeting act for their "audition" or first few classes, all the instructors are very helpful and care about their students.

Definitely recommend EMA in Pearland!!

Michelle E.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Master Hong and the staff are both professional and welcoming! Master Hong has an exceptional way of making sure you are learning the correct techniques and advancing properly. EMA has a competitive atmosphere and yet it is family friendly! I highly recommend Eternal Martial Arts!

April Bradshaw

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Our first class was yesterday. My son loved it and can't wait to go back!

Jameisha Micheaux

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

My son absolutely love coming to Tae Kwon Do. I have seen him progress so much in a short 6 months that we have been attending. He has not once complained that he doesn't want to come. The instructors are amazing! They do an excellent job at keeping them engaged and also go an extra mile by creating fun events for kids and parents which only keeps the kids even more interested in coming. I encourage anyone that is looking for a extracurricular activity for their child to give Eternal Martial Arts a try... you will not regret it!

Elvira I.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

We love EMA!  It is a true learning experience for children.  My son is challenged both mentally and physically each time he steps foot into EMA!  EMA is a positive environment with clear expectations from the first class your child takes.  We love being apart of such an amazing place and are excited to continue watching our son grow!

Mackenzie Odom

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

My son Kyle been in this school since May 2011, I believe that Eternal Martial Arts helped him to be the young boy that he is now... responsible and focused. I highly recommend this school.

Djoanna V.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Good place, Great Masters and a friendly environment. I made friends and learned discipline, self-control, and much more lessons. Thanks, Eternal Martial Arts!

Joseph Madison

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Great staff! The kids love them! Very interactive in teaching them respect and discipline all while building their self esteem and self confidence. A good mix of boys and girls in the classes and they all seem to get along great! Highly recommended!

Missy Purington

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

When your son is happy and likes going all the time, that is winning! The staff and instructors are wonderful, they teach and encourage the children with passion. I would highly recommend attending their classes.

Robert Wagner

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

I really love the teaching and discipline
Good price for all they are learning... Great school..

David Acosta

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

I have been at EMA for only a little while and already I feel welcome and accomplished. There are great instructors that help you obtain all your goals and dreams! I've had such an amazing experience and I can't wait to learn so much more!!

Camryn Madison

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Great place for kids, probably the best martial marts discipline place in Pearland. Also, involves the community with events for kids, family and moms . The instructors are really the best and have lots of patience with the children and the owner is incredibly flexible and sweet .

Dunia Sapien

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Our son has been a student at Eternal Martial Arts for over 2 years now.  We were introduced through a bullying prevention seminar and continued on with Tae Kwon Do.  Not only does our son enjoy his classes, his overall confidence has increased along with his athletic abilities and coordination.  Master Hong is a gifted teacher of children.  I can't say enough good about him and the other staff!  Our son plans to continue at EMA until he is a black belt and will probably continue at that point as well.  The additional Black Belt Club training with sparring and weapons is an added bonus that really keeps the kids' interest and attention!  Thank you, EMA, for your excellent program!

Amber Wilson

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

I vouch that Martial Arts changed my family's lives. We gained confidence, learned discipline, mastered defense and control. Not to mention flexibility, endurance, strength and new skills. We are not afraid to face new challenges. We gained life preserving skills, but most importantly we made friends for life.

Now, I want to give back my time and energy to change other families' lives. Nothing makes me happier than to watch timid kids bloom into confident and strong teenagers, and to watch the rambunctious ones become calmer and more respectful.

I love to get hugs and give "fives" to our Little Ninjas who can't wait to show off the new stripes they've earned.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that Martial Arts would have made such an impact on our lives. I highly recommend it to all kids... and grown ups too!

Come to Eternal Martial Arts and watch your children transform!

Katarina Conrad

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

We started this journey with our shy little boy. He changed for the better and loves this place. I highly recommend them. They are very nice and patient with the kids.

Ana Obenza

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

We are so happy with our decision to enroll our son Birgiany to Eternal Martial Arts. Master Hong and his staff really know how to motivate kids and they always seem to be able to bring the best out in our son. We will be forever grateful for the values the school is instilling in our son!!! Highly recommended for all!!!!

Elisandra Singh

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

EMA is a big part of our family fitness! 

Initially, I started off in the power fitness class in hopes to tone up and strengthen my core (complimenting other sports). Along the way, I've learned various fitness exercises and self-defense techniques. It was the boost I needed. I am really happy learning various aspects of fitness and martial arts in an upbeat setting.

EMA has a very family-friendly atmosphere too. My kids soon decided they wanted in on the action too. Their ability to take class in adjunct to mine was a great time-saver in our evenings. The kids have benefitted in self-discipline and physical development. Further, we compare what we've each learned in our classes and practice our skills as a family. 

People of all ages have been active at EMA. And aside from the camaraderie, any of the slightest concerns have been handled both courteously and expeditiously. They really keep the customers at the core of their operations. 

I am happy to have EMA to boost our confidence and making fitness both fun and challenging for our family.

Ronni Prakoth

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