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Welcome to Eternal Martial Arts, your home for family-friendly training that is perfect for all ages. We have been proudly serving the greater Houston area since 1996 and currently operate in Jersey Village. At Eternal, we value comprehensive Martial Arts instruction with a focus on building a strong family unit. Students in our programs learn how to protect themselves while getting in the most fun and exciting workout of their lives. We truly pursue Martial Arts in practice and instruction. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced martial artist, come check us out today and see what our team can do for you!

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My son loves EMA! They not only teach him about martial arts, but also lessons that are relatable to life. Awesome place!

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Danielle K.

Eternal Martial Arts changed my life. Before I started with EMA my life was completely sedentary. I didn't do anything but sit to watch tv and eat. I was skinny but I was so out of shape. I started with the power workout class before changing to the TKD classes. I'm a green/blue stripe and I couldn't be happier. I love the classes and the people there. I can't imagine skipping a day now. EMA changed my life for the best. 

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Rolando Velazquez

I enrolled my 9 year old here with the school and I could not be happier!! She is learning so many wonderful core life values and is having fun!! They offer camps and other activities for the children and are very attentive to each child's needs. I enjoy all of the instructors and have always felt comfortable going to them with any questions I may have. I will soon be enrolling my 4 year old son as well. I couldn't imagine a better place for my children to go. Highly advise!!!

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Amber K.

This school is amazing!!1 The kids and instructors are like one big family. It is very uplifting and encouraging for the parents to see that your child is being taken care of with kindness and respect. The instructors teach the most important values, such as courage, respect for others and self, honesty. And it is fun as well! 
My daughter has become physically strong and learned how to listen. She loves the school and friendly atmosphere there.

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Lilly W.

We relocated from Austin a couple of years ago and it took us some time to find a new Tae Kwon Do studio which all the kids liked and felt comfortable in, as we all really loved the one they attended back in Austin.

Master Hong was very patient and answered all of our questions.  The kids also felt very comfortable from the start with him and the other instructors.  This continues to this day, it wasn't just a fleeting act for their "audition" or first few classes, all the instructors are very helpful and care about their students.

Definitely recommend EMA in Pearland!!

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

Michelle E.

Master Hong and the staff are both professional and welcoming! Master Hong has an exceptional way of making sure you are learning the correct techniques and advancing properly. EMA has a competitive atmosphere and yet it is family friendly! I highly recommend Eternal Martial Arts!

Kids Martial Arts Cypress

April Bradshaw

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