What is special anymore?

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Having been in the Martial Arts and the childcare industry for over 20 years has given me some perspective about what excites children.  Increasingly, it's less and less.  In the past,  we would take children on field trips such as roller skating or to the movies.  They would be so thankful and have such a great time.  When they were given a Martial Arts lesson, they were simply thrilled with the experience and practiced enthusiastically at home.  What's changed?  We live in an on-demand society where children have fewer opportunities to delay gratification.  Cartoons are 24 hours, movies are no longer that unique, and due to growing up with the internet, they've literally seen it all.  It's a sad state of things that the little ones have been robbed of the joy of rarity.  The only remedy is to limit their access to this lifestyle and teach them the virtue of waiting for what they want. 

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