Is your boss is stupid?

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Is your boss stupid?  Maybe. Although I'm a boss, this is no defense of bosses.  There are great bosses and terrible bosses, reliable and undependable, lazy and hardworking, smart and yes, the relatively stupid.  Staff members think they know better than the boss, but often they really don't.  What they're lacking isn't intelligence, it's perspective.  When people see that the boss makes a poor decision, they're usually thinking one-dimensionally and in terms of direct consequences.  However bosses have to take into account a number of factors that they don't feel (rightly and wrongly) that they should share with their employees.  Similarly as parents, we have to make decisions for children because they lack the full information, maturity, and life's experience to guide them to the right answer.  It's disheartening to see parents asking children for input on questions that are far beyond their scope.  For example, there was a woman who was a guest on a late night talk show who was actually making the case that her baby should give consent to having his diaper changed (yes, that really happened). 

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