Don't ignore the quiet ones

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

I held an event at our school on Saturday where there just happened to be three different babies in attendance.  After two hours had passed I never heard a sound from any of them.  When I held the door as the parents left, I said how good each of their babies were and that I never heard a peep.  Then it dawned on me that their being quiet didn't equal their being good.  So many times I think I (and surely others too) have fallen for the idea that children that don't make much noise or raise too much fuss are good, and vice-versa.  As they say, "the squeaky wheel gets the grease."  This is certainly true, but quiet children need our love and attention too.  Sometimes they can fly under the radar with parents and teachers who focus more on outspoken or misbehaving children.  Let's remember that sometimes the ones that need us the most will say the least.

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