The old dog has seen all the new tricks

Kids Martial Arts  near  Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

It seems that every generation is so quick to push out the previous one.  Does it feel like this one is moving even faster?  I once heard a story of an old dog and a young pup on a porch out in the country.  There would be a rumbling noise coming down the road and the young pup would jump up and down and yip, and even chase after the offending vehicle.  The old dog sat quietly and would raise his head slightly to notice the passing car.  No need for excitement as he'd seen it so many times before.  It's a great illustration of how young people with very little of life's experience can get excited over anything or the wrong things.  In our modern thinking, we tell children that everything they do is so great and brilliant, when sometimes it's neither clever nor novel.  What would be far better than empty praise would be sharing our knowledge as passed down by those who came before us.  The world didn't begin when they were born, but those young pups are convinced it did.

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