A memorable toy

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

When I was little I spent hours playing with my toys.  This was a time before electronics were so wildly popular.  However, I watched a fair amount of TV including cartoons.  I remember seeing Transformers on TV and desperately wanted one of the bad guys.  My mother told me that I could earn the money by doing yard work.  I spent about a week pulling weeds and digging in the soil.  I'm sure that my little hands weren't up to the task of serious landscaping, but I gave it my best effort.  I remember one evening pulling weeds long after the sun had set.  My mother called me in for dinner and afterward she said she had a surprise for me.  Then she told me to look in the laundry hamper.  Of course, it was my long sought after toy!  Now I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.  How many times have children (including me) received a load of toys for Christmas or their birthday and immediately lost interest in them?  The thing that you value is the thing you pour your heart and work into.  What a true and lasting gift it is to have a child work for what they want.

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