Simple acts of kindness

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

I have a favorite pair of sunglasses.  They've been with me for years now, and I'd hate to ever part with them.  They have a weak frame on the left side and the screw comes out pretty easily.  Recently, the screw popped out and it was too hard to find.  I took them to a glasses shop where I wasn't a customer.  I explained that I would gladly pay for them to have it fixed.  The gentleman asked if I was a current customer and I replied that I wasn't.  Not only did he give it a quick-fix, he cleaned them as well.  He refused any remonstrance and said if it happened again, please bring them back.  Now that was a simple act of kindness that this world desperately needs.  Children need to see that helping other people doesn't always have to come with strings attached.  How much better would society be with this change in focus?

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