Parents should know better

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

As a martial arts instructor, I have hundreds of people come to me every year to enroll their children.  They want me to instill their youth with discipline, confidence, and a variety of other qualities.  Not one has ever asked me to teach their child to become a world-class quitter.  Near the black belt level, we see a number of students disappearing from classes.  Suddenly, the students begin complaining that the work load is too much or more famously "they just don't want to go anymore."  I hear from disillusioned parents often that no matter what they do, they just can't get the child to class.  When the going gets tough, one should expect a child to look for the escape hatch.  They don't possess enough of life's lessons to look beyond the temporary.  I have people approach me all of the time, and many aren't even my former students.  They say that not getting their black belt is the greatest regret in their lives.  I don't say shame on the child here, but what are parents really trying to teach their children?  If it gets difficult, give up?  Now people can stop training in martial arts for a variety of valid reasons, but fear and laziness shouldn't be among them. 

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