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This past weekend, an army of people emerged to help us move our Pearland Tae Kwon-Do location to its new home.  There were men and women painting and cleaning our new school, thank you HIIT&RUN ladies!  Also, a great number of students and parents appeared to help us move boxes, organize items, pick-up flooring, and move some seriously heavy items (wavemasters, furniture, etc.).  I had fathers using their trucks, dollies, and some big-time muscle to get it all done.  There were women and children busily boxing up loads of various things and cleaning up as they went.  When a team of people are focused on accomplishing a task and the attitude is right, it's truly amazing what can be done.  The varied skills and efforts were on display and it's so wonderful to witness strengths coming together for a common purpose.  One of the things that I noticed that so impressed me was everyone's really great attitude.  If a child every complained, I never heard it.  There were so many smiles that it might as well have been a party.  All of us at Eternal Martial Arts & HIIT&RUN are truly humbled by this outpouring of help and we are so pleased to have such fine families and friends in our company.  Parents, children, and friends alike, you have our utmost admiration and eternal gratitude.

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