What will you give up?

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When preparing my advanced Tae Kwon-Do students for black belt, I often ask them what they will be sacrificing.  In order to achieve black belt, they must undergo serious and time-consuming training.  Realistically, if they add more time to their practice, they must cut time out from some other place.  Will they give up some time with their tablet, homework, sleep?  You used to hear the admonition: "you can't have your cake and eat it too."  What happened to that saying?  We live in an era where you are taught that you can have it all.  Although I appreciate the challenge of trying to squeeze it all in, the idea of sacrifice seems to have been buried somewhere.  It's an important lesson in life that must be introduced to children: If they want something, they should be ready to sacrifice something else to obtain it.  Additionally, they'll get the benefit of perceiving the value of their prize more when it "cost" them.

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