Blocking the box

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One of the most frustrating things in life is definitely traffic.  There's nothing worse than trying to get somewhere, often urgently, and other people are in your way!  Rush hour and construction are understood and somewhat accepted, but suffering someone "blocking the box" is just intolerable.  This occurs when a driver is so selfish that they would rather block up a 4 way intersection, than miss their light.  Every driver has seen this and it's infuriating.  What makes a person do something so self-centered?  In an age where individualism is placed over kindness and courtesy, I think we'll be seeing more of this and not less.  The news seems like an endless reel of people demanding their rights and being celebrated for it.  The future generation will always think about itself first, that's why it's so important to teach humility and selflessness.  Good manners aren't picked up accidentally, they are taught and reinforced.

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