Determination over feelings

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

Part of the human condition is being guided by our feelings.  Sometimes our feelings serve us very well, and at times they are at odds with our own best interest.  I see this frequently when working with children.  Physical and mental exercise is good for the body and mind, it releases stress and builds up one's intellect, but can sometimes be lacking in "fun."  Spending time in what Steven Covey calls the 4th quadrant, isn't productive, but feels good.  This is a zone for mindless escape and frivolity.  Those things have their time and place, but should be minimized as they add no tangible value to one's life.  I often say to children that we achieve through our determination, not by our feelings.  The next time a child says they don't feel like it, may I suggest they are challenged on the relevancy of their feelings?

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