Give praise where it's due

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

I'd like to start with some praise for Serena Williams.  She's unbelievably talented, hard-working, and holds up as a great role model.  It's amazing to witness anyone who rises to the top of their fields, and for Ms. Williams this is no less true.  However, this past Saturday, it was disappointing to see how she dealt with her perceived injustice.  Even though she raised some great points with the umpire, and surely she's correct about "double standards" for women (Billie Jean King reinforced her arguments), her screaming wasn't productive.  She invoked her daughter when complaining about her treatment, but she should have been more concerned about showing her daughter self-control by example.  One must stay cool under pressure and not be applauded for "losing it."  Undoubtedly, Ms. Williams is an excellent mother and tries to teach her daughter not to cheat, but she should also be concerned with showing her poise under pressure.  It was very rewarding to see that after that uncomfortable exchange, Ms. Williams was more than gracious and kind to her competitor, Naomi Osaka.  Now that was praiseworthy!

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