In defense of "Because I said so"

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

It can be a frustrating thing for a child to hear, and it can be lazy parenting, but ..."because I said so," can be one of the most appropriate and best responses that can be given to a child.  I'm not advocating this simple sentence for every occasion, nor should it be overused, but it tends to give a parent or teacher authority and re-establishes the hierarchy.  Speaking for myself, I like to give a look that suggests that we're done talking.  Even the littlest minds seem to calculate that moving on is something in their best interest.  The worst mistake a parent can make is to say this magic sentence, then explain themselves.  Children aren't owed an explanation, but surely there are times when it is appropriate to give them one.  Be sure to hold on to this trump card, as children that don't care that you "said so," are done with your authority.

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