Patience is a virtue but I don't have the time

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

"Patience is a virtue but I don't have the time" is an ironically funny quote by David Byrne.  How true though!  We all wish for patience, but lack the patience to get it.  Standing in line, sitting in traffic, or waiting for Netflix to load can seem like an eternity.  Does anyone remember a time before cell phones could bring us a book, movie, or mindless trifling with apps?  The madness needs to be contained in my opinion, or there's little hope for a patient generation to come.  Children are seldom asked to be quiet, now they're simply quieted with an electronic device.  One must teach children to look for stimulation and entertainment in oneself versus externally.  How is this accomplished?  I don't know as it would take to long to look it up on wikiHow.

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