The paradox of confidence

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

As a martial arts instructor, I've had hundreds of families come to me over the years.  Their requests are usually uniform, they want their child or children to learn self-control, self-defense, self-discipline, and without fail, confidence!  It's only natural that you would want your child to have this quality as we want our little ones to conquer the world, but I'm still waiting for the day someone comes and asks me to make their child humble.  Confidence is something that we want our children to have for sure, but overconfidence is the enemy of learning.  Think about all of the children in your life, the ones that are the most endearing aren't necessarily the most confident, they're the sweetest and most earnest.  When children think they know something, it's unfortunate that that's when their learning actually stops.  They are like sponges and do absorb information quickly, however the patience for mastery is missing due to intellectual immaturity.  It's truly unfortunate that Johnny can be so proud of himself and yet have nothing to offer.  Let's de-emphasize confidence and teach children patience and understanding.

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