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This past weekend I was able to be involved in two activities which had the effect of refreshing and heartening me, though I was on the giving end of things.  My son is trying to attain his Eagle Scout and we did a service project to benefit organ transplantation.  Many children, teens, and adults were involved in supplying this worthy cause with many food and cooking items, plus they were treated to an extensive gourmet meal provided by the Boy Scouts.  The very next day, my family took an elderly woman out to lunch to provide her with some comfort and friendship.  It's wonderful to see that when one gives something away in service, it always feels good and rewarding.  So many weekends spent in personal pursuits end in frustration and a lack of satisfaction.  A verse from the Bible addresses this: "A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed." - Proverbs 11:25.  How much better will our families be when we take the focus off of ourselves and spend our time in service of others?

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