Monkey see...

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

We've all heard, "monkey see, monkey do."  Kids will repeat what they see of course.  Good parents will filter what comes into their child's life to the extent that is possible and is somewhat practical.  They will help pick friends, monitor and limit TV, tablet, and music intake, etc.  How often do parents view themselves as potential bad examples though?  A woman on TV was making the case several years ago that not having soda in the house meant that children can't see you drinking it, therefore they won't be learning this behavior, at least not from you.  There's a simple wisdom there.  Whether you have soda in the house or not isn't the point, children will feel a license to engage in behaviors that you do.  Let's try to model example behavior and traits that we wish upon our children, then they can see what that looks like consistently. 

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