Build rapport, gain trust, then expect results

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

Whenever I meet a new student, upon learning their name, I immediately ask them their age and birthday.  Then I set up a little time to ask them some more questions about what they like and do and what they want to learn.  From a teaching standpoint, this is the most critical time; the rapport building time.  It's very hard to teach a child who has fears, especially of you.  When the relationship is formed, then trust is given, and when trust is given, learning can begin.  Once the learning starts, expectations can be introduced and finally results can be seen, measured, and rewarded.  At home, parents should work on building relationships with their kids.  How?  Talk to them and spend time with them!  Note: I didn't say spend money on them or buy them distractions which usually serve to strain those well-earned relationships.

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