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 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

Growing up in the eighties, there were no cell phones.  I recall my father having a brownish metal case enclosing his address book which contained everyone he knew plus all of their information (phone, address, birthdays, etc.).  My mother too had her own white book filled with the same.  Not being a sophisticated child, I just memorized all of my friends phone numbers.  I wasn't aware that all of those numbers should've been collected and organized.  My ability to memorize numbers wasn't unique as all of my friends did it.  Now children have their own cell phones which act as address books too, and they don't even know their own phone numbers!  I don't say this as any criticism of kids, they simply live in modern times.  The point is however that our brains have a great capacity even for mundane details such as a row of numbers.  I often hear that children can't learn because the material is too boring.  Don't let children use this excuse as their brains were meant for an almost unlimited capacity to retain information.  Some simply lack focus, determination, and effort.
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