Debate is optional and ill-advised

 in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

This weekend I witnessed a parent pleading for his child of about 6 years to please leave with him.  I could hear them struggling down the hallway and the argument wasn't going the dad's way.  Though they were leaving a party and the kid had a great time, he was angry that his dad was forcing him to go.  By the time they had turned the corner, the boy took a swipe at the father, barely missing him.  I thought about intervening and correcting the boy, but I didn't want the father to feel more embarrassed than he probably already did.  Finally, he threatened a stern time-out if the boy didn't cooperate; the last grasp at control in a spiraling situation.  When one enters into a debate with a young child, they are empowered to disagree.  Every time an explanation is offered, it's communicated that they (children) are owed one.  Now I believe that children should be seen and heard, but the parent is the one that has the ultimate authority.  Don't put children on the judge's bench with you and then expect that they'll agree with your rulings.

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