"If you can wait and not be tired of waiting"

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Things are worse because they are better in one sense.  When we've become accustomed to certain things, doing without seems unthinkable.  Imagine growing up without air conditioning.  You would you find anyone complaining about how hot it is without air conditioning to be insufferable.  Or if we hear children complain about the lack of wifi, it offends our sense of what roughing it really means.  Although, few of us probably had it really rough.  In a world where patience is wearing thin, the thing to blame isn't just  a rise in technology and improved speed of service, we have to look at the other side of that coin.  If there's no such thing as a wait time, we'll never develop the skill of waiting.  Should we be shocked that children are "bored" all of the time.  They're not under or overstimulated necessarily, but rather they've never cultivated some good old fashioned patience.  Rudyard Kipling said it best:"If you can wait and not be tired of waiting...you'll be a Man, my son!"
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