Courage to admit fear

Kids Martial Arts  near  Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts

Yesterday while teaching martial arts to a group of children, I was pleasantly surprised to have a young girl aged about 6 or 7 try to get my attention.  She sheepishly said something, so I bent down to her level and inclined my ear to her.  She spoke softly:"every time you're about to test me, I feel sick to my stomach."  I immediately took pity on her and thought that she's not alone, yet she's the only one brave enough to articulate it to me.  I told all of the students that performance anxiety gets better every time you perform, however there's no guarantee that it will ever go away completely.  I'm a grown man with decades of speech giving under my belt, yet I still feel a pang of anxiety rush through me when I speak in front of large groups.  Many parents try to create special situations for their children to flourish.  I don't blame parents for wanting what's best for their children, but I think it's better to have them succeed in the world they actually live.

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