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My son is one of the great examples of trustworthiness.  He is such a good boy; well-behaved, studious, courteous, and respectful.  Though I've tried to find him disobeying and misusing our trust, he's really quite reliable.  Due to this fact, he's built up a large reservoir of trust with us, his parents.  We don't tell him when to go to bed, turn in his phone, nor do we screen his computer use.  When trust is present, freedom is there also.  Children shouldn't be surprised if their parents are suspicious and nosy when they've not earned this level of confidence.  By the way, consistency is the key.  My son has been like this his entire life and he is currently 17.  Though his good behavior is remarkable for someone his age, the concept isn't: if you want to be trusted and given freedom, be trustworthy.

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