Fortnite is expensive

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Actually, as far as games go, Fortnite might not cost that much.  Prices start as low as $39.99 and a FREE version is in the works.  The thing about this wildly popular video game is that it consumes so much time.  I read an article about how parents are now spending hard-earned dollars on "mentors" for their Fortnite loving children (I'm scared to know the age of the oldest tutored person).  I mean this with all sincerity, good for you Fortnite mentors, you've managed to monetize your skills.  Don't we want to give our kids the best shot at doing the same?  Well-meaning parents who want to build their kid's skills should look into private tutors for math, chess, creative writing, apprenticeship, etc.  I don't want to tell parents how to spend their money, but if you want to be your kid's friend, there are better ways.  Also, those dollars can be invested into real skill building or academics.  If you want them to live in your house forever in a classic "failure-to-launch" scenario, keep spending money on diversions.  I'm all for children, teens, and yes, even adults passing a little time playing video games, it's the inordinate amount time wasted that concerns me for the direction of their future. 

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