Do the hardest thing first

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When it comes to running my own life, business, or family, I've tried to teach those around me to "do the hardest thing first."  There are a number of practical ways to go about doing all of the things that need to be done, everything from checklists to electronic to-do lists.  Every method properly done works fine I'm sure, but there's something about tackling the hardest or least desirable task first that makes you the opposite of a procrastinator.  When I teach my Tae Kwon-Do students, I ask them what's their least favorite part about their Tae Kwon-Do training?  Then, I encourage them to focus on that area first.  We spend an inordinate amount of time avoiding something that we have to do anyway.  And when we do that, we have to carry around the mental untidiness of unfinished or looming business.  Free your mind and your agenda, do that thing which you've been putting off.  Pass this on to your children to help them prioritize their lives and lead them to a path of true productivity.

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