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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - The hierarchy of communication (effort)

    The hierarchy of communication (effort)

    Recently I had a poor customer service experience at a doctor's office. The woman behind the computer was talking to me, but making no eye contact as she was "multi-tasking." She was annoyed that I was confused. I thought maybe she was talking to somebody with an earpiece. I guess I'm old fashioned, but looking at someone seems like a normal expectation to have in an in-person conversation. Kids these days are tech savvy and that's generally a good thing. However, they still need the lesson of personal interaction if we're going to have a society worth living in. Here's a list I slapped together, feel free to make your own (from impersonal to personal): email> text> phone call> ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - The old dog has seen all the new tricks

    The old dog has seen all the new tricks

    It seems that every generation is so quick to push out the previous one. Does it feel like this one is moving even faster? I once heard a story of an old dog and a young pup on a porch out in the country. There would be a rumbling noise coming down the road and the young pup would jump up and down and yip, and even chase after the offending vehicle. The old dog sat quietly and would raise his head slightly to notice the passing car. No need for excitement as he'd seen it so many times before. It's a great illustration of how young people with very little of life's experience can get excited over anything or the wrong things. In our modern thinking, we tell children that everything they do ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - A memorable toy

    A memorable toy

    When I was little I spent hours playing with my toys. This was a time before electronics were so wildly popular. However, I watched a fair amount of TV including cartoons. I remember seeing Transformers on TV and desperately wanted one of the bad guys. My mother told me that I could earn the money by doing yard work. I spent about a week pulling weeds and digging in the soil. I'm sure that my little hands weren't up to the task of serious landscaping, but I gave it my best effort. I remember one evening pulling weeds long after the sun had set. My mother called me in for dinner and afterward she said she had a surprise for me. Then she told me to look in the laundry hamper. Of course, it ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Critical Thinking

    Critical Thinking

    In Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, one of the characters (Beatty) is trying to convince Montag of the futility of free thinking: "...So bring on your clubs and parties, your acrobats and magicians, your daredevils, jet cars, motorcycle helicopters, your sex and heroin, more of everything to do with automatic reflex." The book is a cautionary tale about so many things, but definitely warns against uniformed thinking. Written in 1951, it sounds very much like today. We live in an entertainment dominated culture where people have outsourced their own thinking in many areas. It's important that we teach children to think for themselves and to avoid group-think, unless we'd like to learn the ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Simple acts of kindness

    Simple acts of kindness

    I have a favorite pair of sunglasses. They've been with me for years now, and I'd hate to ever part with them. They have a weak frame on the left side and the screw comes out pretty easily. Recently, the screw popped out and it was too hard to find. I took them to a glasses shop where I wasn't a customer. I explained that I would gladly pay for them to have it fixed. The gentleman asked if I was a current customer and I replied that I wasn't. Not only did he give it a quick-fix, he cleaned them as well. He refused any remonstrance and said if it happened again, please bring them back. Now that was a simple act of kindness that this world desperately needs. Children need to see that helping ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Civil(ized) society

    Civil(ized) society

    When I voted today I thought about all of the people I saw in line waiting their turn. Out of curiosity, I imagined how each one voted. I thought about how firemen, doctors, or any first responders wouldn't care what their political affiliation is. They would simply help them. Similarly when I'm serving my customers, I couldn't care less what their politics are, I just want to do a great job for them. It's disappointing to see how Americans are treating each other when watching the news. As parents, we need to model civility and encourage it in our children. Differences in opinion should be just that. America is stronger when its citizens aren't divided and we have so much more in common ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Magnanimous


    Magnanimous isn't a word we hear often these days. It's a big one, but worth knowing and teaching to kids. When children have done something wrong, good parents always make them say they're sorry. But what about the opposite, what happens when they're wronged? We see that our society has become very intolerant of people even while preaching tolerance. Do I need to list the number of celebrities or TV personalities who have fallen from grace? Simply saying the wrong thing can be career ending and life ruining for people who never meant to offend. It seems everyone's quick to condemn, but slow to forgive. This is exactly backwards. We should withhold our judgement and be magnanimous in our ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Dropping the ball

    Dropping the ball

    During the Texans/Jaguars game this past Sunday, the Jaguar's wide receiver dropped the ball for an incomplete pass for the second time in the game. The Jaguars fans erupted in boos to let him know their disappointment. Why boo your own player when lack of effort wasn't the issue? The answer is that effort doesn't matter, only results do. At least this is true for fans of the game. Children must be taught that the world can be cruel. Their best efforts may not cut it in the "real world." Therefore, children should be encouraged and praised for their high effort levels, but surely they must be held responsible for their performance. To not do so is setting them up for failure. Follow our ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - The wisdom of Lincoln

    The wisdom of Lincoln

    A quote from Abraham Lincoln on a letter to his son's teacher:"...Teach him if you can the wonder of books... but also give him quiet time to ponder eternal mysteries of birds in the sky, bees in the sun, and the flowers on the green hillside." What's missing from today's modern world for children? More than anything I think it's the wonder of nature and the exploration of the world unfiltered by electronic devices. As parents we are very busy running children from structured activity, to structured activity. In this way, we are telling them how they will learn, play, breathe, and be. Shouldn't some of this be discovered on their own? The other day I witnessed a child in a store, whose ....

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  •  in Jersey Village - Eternal Martial Arts - Parents should know better

    Parents should know better

    As a martial arts instructor, I have hundreds of people come to me every year to enroll their children. They want me to instill their youth with discipline, confidence, and a variety of other qualities. Not one has ever asked me to teach their child to become a world-class quitter. Near the black belt level, we see a number of students disappearing from classes. Suddenly, the students begin complaining that the work load is too much or more famously "they just don't want to go anymore." I hear from disillusioned parents often that no matter what they do, they just can't get the child to class. When the going gets tough, one should expect a child to look for the escape hatch. They don't ....

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